The Burnt HotelThe Burnt Hotel

Titus, 2015.

“I remember the night he went sleepwalking
and a hotel burned down.
He worried that he had done it,
or hoped he had….”

Taking the reader from inner-city Auckland to fairy-tale clearings and finally into the burnt hotel itself, these lyrical poems chart the terrain where the ordinary meets the fantastical, a vivid world of “other people’s lives” populated by lovers and rent-boys, sleep-walkers and monsters. At its core is a subtle exploration of embodiment and the nature of being human.

The Burnt Hotel plays out like a dark melody. With what one poem calls ‘the violence of dedication’, the writing returns to particular words, lines and feelings like a ballad does to a refrain: loss, love, lemonade, a razorblade. Olivia Macassey’s poems will lead you down strange, new streets. They’ll follow you home.”  — Hinemoana Baker.


“The dreamy, lyric, intensely introspective and yet never self-indulgent truth of [Macassey’s] writing continues to enchant in this new book. And Brett Cross and Ellen Portch’s design work on it is really beautiful.” — Jack Ross, NZ Poetry Shelf

“We are confronted with the grim realities of decay, broken relationships, un-belonging and regret, yet the poetry is lively and unsentimental. It is lyrical and fresh, full of surprises, mind play and investigation […] The Burnt Hotel is a remarkable book.” — Elizabeth Coleman, Takahē

“The beauty of this poetry appears in carefully chosen language appearing quite artless, seeming natural, in lyrical flights and journeys, surprises, and originality.” — Raewyn Alexander, Rochford Street Review

“The total effect is of a pleasurable walk through a rather lovely storied wilderness.” — Jen Crawford, Brief issue 55.

“Annunciata’ and ‘Drowned oubliette’ can only be called kick-ass […] I was gripped by Macassey’s boldness and dark humour.” — Sarah Jane Barnett, Landfall Review Online

“Sometimes abject, sometimes hilarious, sometimes incantatory, there are pleasures here: I’m grateful for her invention of ‘epistemohaemophilia’ and the sardonic exuberance of ‘The cunt poem.’” — Murray Edmond, NZ Poetry Shelf.

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and they all – how they lied to me;
I didn’t mind. And a thousand
thousand slimy things lived on, like me, like me!”

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Client NumbersClient Numbers (chapbook)
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and I am winding, hurried like a creek through
steep places. Catch tight the branches of belief
and feel them come away in your hands. Hope
my last luxury: pebbles rolling through
loose clay and dry gorse. But alive.

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